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Lesson 2

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 12:12 PM

Master of Astral Projection Lesson 2

What kind of environment would you like to interact with on the Astral Plane? Describe it in detail.

As realistic as possible. Although the idea of accessing “fantasy worlds” sounds interesting, I do not necessarily want to get this far away from reality. Maybe a few times just for the fun of it. But for most of my astral projections, I would stick to reality.

Where would you go on the Astral Plane?

Everywhere. :) Yeah, that pretty much sounds right. :) It would be nice to see how people of ancient cultures lived, find out what spiritual knowledge they had, what we can use of that knowledge today. Seeing some possible futures sounds like fun, too.

Whom would you talk to on the Astral Plane? Assume that you can speak to anyone that exists, has existed or will exist.

Hmm, good question. I honestly have no idea. :) My past selves maybe, to see what universal path I’m taking, that is spread out over several lifetimes, not just this one. I know many people answer “Jesus” or “Buddha” to this question, but I don’t have any specific question in mind for them...

What would you talk to them about?

Exactly what I was referring to at the end of the last answer. Right now I don’t have specific questions that I need answered. Maybe one, but that’s not something I could ask anyone about. As for my past selves, the question would probably be: “What have you learned in this life?”

What would your Astral Temple look like? Describe it.

A couple of months ago I saw the film “The Philosophers”. They “imagined” having a safe place to survive the end of the world, a luxury bunker, if you will. That bunker is still in my head. For some reason that idea and that environment caught my imagination. My temple would probably be based on that.

Who would you allow to come to your Astral Temple? Why or why not?

Anyone who comes with peace in their mind and heart. I guess… I haven’t given it much thought, and at this moment, I can’t even think of any reasons why anyone would want to come to my temple, or why I would want to go to anyone else’s temple.

What technique of meditation do you think will work best for you? Why?

I’ve had experience with the Sylva method, so that’s probably what I will use. I have also learned transcendental meditation, which is pretty much the “think of nothing” method you described. They use a mantra, but that’s just to keep your focus, so basically it’s the same thing.

Can you think of any technique of meditation that I missed? Describe it.

Focus on your breathing. That’s a popular method. Again, this is the same as the “think of nothing” method, with a little help: focusing on your breathing keeps your mind from wandering away. Well, it doesn’t, but it certainly helps. :)

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