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Lesson 3 Dr of Spritual Develment

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Posted 16 August 2017 - 08:35 PM

Lesson 3


1. Live with purpose and passion everyday through expression of my photography, writing, and teaching. To express the world as I see it, helping to make things better and more meaningful to everyone.

a. This is through my work in photography, taking pictures with a purpose every day and to share them.

b. I my writings, to journal my activities to help me self-evaluate, to keep me on track in the good time and well as bad.

c. As a College Professor, my actions are always being watch and judged by students. Therefore I must conduct myself in a matter that show a high quality professional attitude and professionalism. The I set the standards in the classroom and not move from them.

2. To continue with my street ministry in the help with those who have lost all through addiction, job lost, family lost and depression. Giving back to them a feeling of worth, and purpose that help to bring them back off the streets with self-respect, love, and purpose.

a. I need to get back into the Ministry of Chaplains on the Way. Walking the streets talking to the homeless.

b. To renew my own ministry of recycling Bibles and giving them to everyone who wants one.

i. When a homeless person gets a recycled Bible, they look through it and make a connection to another human. In many cases, the person receiving the Bible will contact the donor to thank them. (I normally take the name out unless the donor wants the name left in the Bible)

c. Need to consider a service dog for my ministry, because when a child goes homeless, they do not speck but the with talk to a dog. Most people love dogs anyway. If a Minister shows up with a dog, then the message is he is a good guy

3. To continually work on myself to live with my own addiction of alcohol, and PTST. To share my story to others with the same burden and hurts. To life my live as a model to others, that yes it can be done that there is another world in which there is a joy of knowing who you are, what you are, and where you are going.

a. I really need to be better about getting up early, mediating for 15 minutes, and writing a dally inventory of myself.

b. In the past year, I have had two PTSD attacks that had a profound effect on me and through Medication and Therapy, I had discovered a deeper me, with confidence, and a willingness share this with others, whether they are Veterans, Homeless, Men women and children.

There is lesson 3, I know that I am running late on this compared to other classes, but I am work out of two College, and the work load is heavy at time.

On to 4


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