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Posted 28 August 2013 - 03:20 PM

Master of Christian History - Lesson 7

First Christianity was misunderstood by the Romans, because the Christians didn't openly warship idols or other seen things it caused the Romans to be suspicious of the Christians. The Eucharist was miss interpreted to the point the Romans thought the Christians were eating their own young. When famine and hard times came upon the country, it became sport to torture the Christians and blame them for all the woes. When Nero burned Rome, he blamed the Christians and had them killed as many as he could find.
In the year of 250 AD the persecution under Decius was even more after he imposed a tax and the Christians would not pay it.
Because of all the persecution the Canon came about, and the church only became stronger.Galerius issued an imperial edict from his deathbed in A.D. 311 that tolerated Christianity as long as Christians did not threaten the peace of the empire. Then it didn't stop completely until Constantine who became a Christian.
Pastor Sharon L. Madsen DD

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