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Projection - Astral Projection Debunked

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Posted 03 June 2010 - 08:04 PM

Astral Projection is sometimes debunked by people that don’t believe in it. However there are some times that false claims and arguments are used as it is explained by Steve Pavlina in his article.

Is Astral Projection Real?

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read from someone trying to debunk astral projection. Really. And I’ve read a lot. So many false claims and arguments in there. Just because science can’t quantify or explain something or even detect it …

Publish Date: 06/06/2009 4:00


How to have an out-of-body experience | Digital Bits Skeptic

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to debunk this one, does it? It’s called having a dream! Elementary, my dear Watson. However, a closer look at the experiences paints a different picture. If an out-of-body spirit sees a tree fall in the forest, … I wanted to add a little personal addendum to Kevin’s article, something that really bugs me about claims of out-of-body experiences and astral projection. It’s about the broken logic that an out-of-body experience requires. …

Publish Date: 04/17/2010 20:36


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