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Posted 25 August 2016 - 12:39 PM

Master of Christian History - Lesson 6 Questions

by Rev. Joy Maestas Aug 25 2016

1. Whydid the early Christian church need to develop a system of governance?

As the early church grew they needed theyneeded a system to take care of the daily business of the many members. This also freed up the Apostles to handle thebigger duties of prayer and missions and writing down the teaching.

2. Whatwere the two branches of church offices called and what were their respectivefunctions?

Charismatic office and AdministrativeOffice.

Charismatic Office – devoted to inspiration,prayer, holding onto the Gospel sending people on missions

Administrative Office – handled the dailyworkings within the congregation. Organizingthe meetings, handling the needs of the members.

3. Howdid the early church order its public worship? How did the early church relateto pagan Roman society?

The early church’s worship was

Theymet in houses on the 1st day of the week. They would have a morning and evening service. The morning would include reading ofScripture, word from the leading elder, prayers and singing.

The evening service would include a meal(where the church potluck 1st started)followed by the Eucharist and offeringfor widows, orphans, sick, prisoners and strangers.


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