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Posted 17 July 2016 - 12:00 AM

Final Essay on Master of Buddhism

Wonderful and thought provoking, are the words I would use to describe this course. It took me back to my teens years when I first discovered Buddhism and was chanting “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”. At that time I was daily doing my rituals and chanting.
When driving down the road one day (speeding) The thought or your might say enlightenment came to me “God is God no matter what name we call him by”. Immediately after I was involved in horrible accident that sent me to the hospital for some stitches and it totaled my car. I drifted away from Buddhism and began my search or all different religions.
This course has brought me full circle back to reading my favorite book of all time, Siddhartha. Going through the Middle way and reading about the 8 fold path, I found it so similar to Christianity and how I read some where Jesus spent some time in India where he surely would have learned of Buddha’s teaching.
The Christian Commandments have the 8 fold path encompassed within them. Combined they all work together for a common goal of “doing that which is right”. Helping others and thereby helping yourself.
During my self exploration years, the Buddha’s teaching helped me rid myself of things and attachment to things. I have always found that when you give it comes back to you, some of the Karma law in work there. This is interesting as I give things away and more things come back to me so it’s a endless cycle of gathering and purging.
The course helped me re examine what enlightenment is and what is means to me. I may not have the answer, on how to get there but I feel I now have re opened my eyes and I do believe in a soul that travels and can be reborn.
All the recommended reading was a blessing as it opened discussion’s with my Son on his beliefs and how he is more of the Buddhist way and very open to other religions and doesn’t follow just one way.
My quest is one that I truly believe will take all my life, if not into the next realm. Can we reach enlightenment in just one life time? That is a question that has a different answer for each person. My journey is different from yours or our neighbors. What I perceive as right for me would not necessarily be what is right for you.
Taking up meditating again was wonderful and really helped release stress. I love being able to combine my Christian beliefs with my Buddhist beliefs to find out who I really am in this journey. I saw someone refer to herself as a Catholic Buddhist, well I would have to say, I am a Christian Buddhist.
By Rev. Joy Maestas
Rev. Joy

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