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Posted 06 September 2016 - 12:21 AM

Master of Christian History

Lesson 17 – Ya Win some; ya lose some

Rev. Joy Maestas Sept.6, 2016


1. Whatwere the new threats to Christianity at this time?

The new threats were the rise of Islam. It was the last of the three monotheisticreligions to be established.

2. Whatwere the consequences of the spread of Islam to the Christian church and toEurope?

The Islamic conquered many lands and inturn would give the people 3 choices: the sword, tribute or Islam. Since a lot of these people were youreveryday person they would choose Islam, many church’s closed due to losingmembers to this religion. The accusedChristians of worshiping images in their churches and this caused a lot of strife.With them invading all surrounding countries, the rule of power was introuble. The North African churchcompletely vanished. Egypt and the HolyLand were over run. The Eastern Churchhung on and kept them from overrunning them. The Roman Pontiff used this timeto shore up his power.

3. Isit true or not true that when an internal row foments between people of twodifferent kinds of Christianity within a country (like what happened in Spainin the 8 th century A.D.), it makes it easier for outside invaders of anotherreligion altogether to overrun the country? Why or why not?

I would have to say it does make it easier for an invader totake over as while the two sides are bickering with each other the 3rdparty comes in and takes over. This iswhat happened in Spain in the 8th century. You look at the situation in Spain at thetime, people are just trying to make it day to day, growing there food, making theirclothes, then here is the local church arguing with the other church who saysthey are in power and there way is the right way. While they are at each other, here comesriding in to town the people with swords cutting down everyone and telling themfollow our way or else. You are therejust trying to take care of your family so you said ok, I’ll follow your wayjust leave us alone.


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