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Newbie Here!

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Posted 11 March 2015 - 10:53 AM

I am new here and really appreciate being here for the support I can get and am getting to be the best person and pastor I can be. Thank you! :thumbsup:

#2 User is offline   Rev. Doug Trouten 

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Posted 12 March 2015 - 08:29 PM

View Postgail1954, on 11 March 2015 - 11:53 AM, said:

I am new here and really appreciate being here for the support I can get and am getting to be the best person and pastor I can be. Thank you! :thumbsup:

Welcome to the ULC and the ULC Seminary. Both the forums here and over at ULC.net are pretty friendly places.

The ULCHQ.com (the site for the Original ULC in Modesto,CA), ULC.net (the Authorized ULC Bookstore and forums site) and ULCSeminary.org (this site) are all run by extraordinary people who have a great working relationship with each other (and they are the only three ULC sites that I am willing to make purchases from. There are a few other ULC forums out there such as the ULC in the UK forums (for ULC Ministers over in the UK) and the ULC Tribal forums (this forum is primarily geared towards what are commonly refereed to as the Pagan religions such as Wicca, your religions from East Asia, New Age and Mysticism, etc...) that are run by members of the ULC.net forums (and quite possibly they are members of this forum too).

There are two other ULC's out there to be aware of they are:

The ULC Monastery- This is a group that was authorized by the ULCHQ until they were hostilely taken over by a George Freeman in Seattle, WA. George has multiple ULC sites, most with a different address and phone number in the Contact section of those sites, these addresses and phone numbers are actually for Virtual Offices (a physical business that handles communications and mail and possibly provide limited office space such as a conference room as needed for other businesses that might not need or are large enough for an actual office). You can tell the Monastery sites as they almost always link back to the same webstore that has the Seattle contact info. George also likes to claim he is the original ULC, and that He is the one who has ordained Millions including celebrities such as all four of the Beatles (two of which had passed on before he took and started running the Monastery websites), when in fact it was the ULCHQ in Modesto. He also currently is suing Rev. Long for some of the ULC domain names she owns along with some other things. finally last I had heard he wasnt even signing the Monastery Credentials and other documents with is real name, instead he signs them as Brother Martin, which iirc would make those credentials invalid as for them to be legal he needs to sign them with his legal name. He does have some free materials on the various sites can be useful (one of his sites offers a free download of wedding music), other then this free material the Monastery and its sites are to be avoided.

The other group is the Universal Life Church World Headquarters- This group is located in Boca Raton, FL last time I checked, they have a couple ULC sites such as the ULCNetwork. The guy who runs this ULC and its related sites has harassed a number of us in the past. He currently claims to be the only true "Christian" ULC an has tried to claim that our ordinations are illegal and the true ULC is his, he has even tried to claim to some that you must be a Christian to be ordained with him, and that if you aren't a Christina and you ordain with him he will take legal action against you for falsely presenting yourself. He claims to offer free ordinations, only to then turn around and tell you that you need to pay something like $85 for the ordination to remain legal and if you have been ordained elsewhere you need to renounce that ordination and send your Credential certificate in to him. He is also known not to send out items ordered through his store, making excuses such as the item(s) are back ordered or that there has been a recent change in his office staff that has delayed orders, etc... For someone and a group that is supposed to be Christian, they don't act like it. The ULC World Headquarters and all of its site are definitely to be avoided at all costs, they are not to be trusted.

While I am not heavily active here I do stop in every week or so just to see whats up. Look forward to seeing what you might have to say.

(I copied and pasted the welcome I posted in the Come and Say Hello thread you posted in instead of typing a new welcome post to you here too)
May Gods grace be with you always,

Rev. Douglas Trouten Jr., D.D.
ULCHQ Ordination 30April2008
ULCHQ Doctor of Divinity 4FEB2015
ULCHQ Doctor of the Universe 12FEB2015
ULCHQ Sainthood 4NOV2014

State of Ohio Ministers License to perform weddings in Ohio granted 13FEB2015

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Posted 19 March 2015 - 12:29 AM

Welcome Rev. Gail.

I think you'll find what you are looking for here.
With these self-paced courses you get out of it, what effort you put in.


Courses Completed:
Master of Paganism
Master of Wiccan Studies
Master of Metaphysical Healing
Master of Metaphysics (Spirit Quest)
Master of Mystical Christianity
Dr. of Christian Studies (The Four Gospels)
Bachelor of Metaphysics
Bachelor of Shamanism
Master of Druidism
Master of Comparative Religion

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