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Lesson 2 The Person, Mark of the Divine

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Posted 06 December 2017 - 04:58 PM

One of the people I notice the Divine Mark is a Lummi (a Northwest Indian tribe) Elder friend and teacher of mine. He practices Native traditional spiritual ways and he is not really Christian. He is very down to earth, but very spiritual in a natural way. He doesn't put on airs or hold himself out as better than others. He is very busy with his community and social activism with issues that concern not only his tribe and local community but his country and the world. I asked him once if everyone who attains a certain age should be considered an Elder, he said, "No, some of them are just old and messed up." A good example of his practical, down to earth wisdom.

I don't believe in the Mark of the Divine, being something pre-determined and notable throughout every minister, chaplain, spiritual leader, etc. I believe it can sometimes be something someone grows and matures into as they age. There might be little to no evidence of a Divine Mark or difference in a person earlier in their life.
However, they might show evidence of this Mark, later in life. They may even lose and regain their Mark, or lose it completely. I think it is somewhat vain to think you are so special that you were created or pre-ordained by God or some Higher Power before you were even born and that you set apart by God to be so favored and special than other people. I believe more in the Mark of the Divine being qualities and actions that a person has and does that Marks them out as Divine. Not that they are some chosen Holy person from before birth. I believe that ministry, chaplaincy, etc. are a calling from God, the Divine, Higher Powers, etc. There may be those individuals who seem and indeed are destined to be spiritual leaders, however for others it may be more of a calling. For myself, as a young boy and even as a young man becoming a minister and a chaplain did not seem very likely. I thought that a would have to join one of the major faith traditions in the country either a Christian denomination or Judaism. Neither, interested me. Until my late twenties I was unaware of organized religions and churches such as Unitarian-Universalist and ULC. My interest in religion changed greatly with the concept of Universal faiths and that I could express my true beliefs and not feel like a heretic. Others have seen a change in me and others note the hard work and dedication to my beliefs and convictions. My mother has said to me things like, "You really have developed some good values, you really care about people. Others, like my friend Steve, says things like, "You have been working really hard on your studies and work on your ministry and Druidic Order."

It seems my calling to ministry and chaplaincy is one from a Pantheistic, Universal, Christian, Pagan, Goddess, Great Spirit, God. In many ways this Deity is
like the Hindu concept of God, being one and being many and being part of the physical and spiritual Universe. I therefore, do not fit in to many of the established World Religions. My calling is serve those who are part of the spiritual communities who accept my Universal, yet Nature based traditions. I am the current clergy leader of a Druidic Order called Cedar Grove Druid Order and the ULC minister for a Universal Life Church ministry and chaplaincy to serve the needs of faith members who have similar beliefs as myself. I also, do not hesitate to interfaith referrals for anyone who wants clergy or a faith member to minister to them of any kind. I also, work as a Health Minister for Cedar Grove Druid Order and my ULC ministry with hospitals, churches and the general community. Also, I have been working with a Healing Circle with Lummi Nation.

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