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Wiccan Lesson 12 Esbats and Sabbats

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 03:49 AM

For this lesson I will discuss on one of the Holidays I favor and what I do to celebrate it and what it means to me. Mine is the Samhain--Halloween. I do a ritual-spell every year for me. I feel the most energy on this day, especially during my birthing hour. So I will do preparations about an hour or two before my actual birth hour. This holiday is where I feel I draw upon the energies of the Earth and from the Ether and from Beyond. It is a renewal time for me. Somewhat like a death of the old and rebirth of the new. Sometimes I will make some of my herbal tinctures during this time.

Since-Samhain--Halloween is one of my favorites and it is my birthday, I am a little more partial to it. One of the things I like to do for the eve of Samhain-Halloween is do a preparation of myself by taking essential oils relating to my astrology sign along with some other essential oils made for specific uses.... and one by one I will place each oil in one of my hands, rub them together, breathe in the scent of the oils, and then in a motion go around my aura to cleanse, clear and energize it. I usually do this about an hour or two before my birth hour of 12:22am. Then I will anoint specific candles I decide to use for whatever spell I am doing with the essential oils in connection to my spell. Then I will write on parchment my wish(es), burn the edges, then place them under the candles. Then I will recenter myself of what my intentions are.....call in all my guides.... an light the candles.....gaze upon them and meditate on invocation of my spell.....by this time it's about 12:22am (my Birthday hour Oct.31st) and that's when I feel the most intensity of energy and power for celebrating on that day--Samhain-Halloween.

This is a brief description of what I do for this holiday and what it means to me, but at least gives an idea of my perception to it. :wub:

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