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Posted 08 September 2016 - 09:01 AM

Master of Christian History

Lesson 18 – The Carolingian Empire

Rev. Joy Maestas Sept. 7th, 2016


1. IsCharlemagne essential for medieval history? Why or why not?

Charlemagne is quite essential for medieval history since hewas the one who brought Christianity to the Saxons and set up schools foreducating the royal family and nobles. At this time cursive writing was invented and was responsible forpassing down the Roman higher educational curriculum of the 5thcentury down to the medieval universities. Because of him the Germans combinedthe classical and Christian learning. Heis a key figure of ,medieval times. Heexpanded his boarders into Italy and Germany. His territories included much of Western Europe. He set down laws governing how Western Europewas during Medieval times with the dividing of land amount dukes and holdingbishops to be subject to the state.

2. Whathelped the Roman pontiff to become even more powerful and influential in theCarolingian Era?

When Pope Leo invited Charlemagne to mass on Christmas dayand then after mass prostrated himself before Charlemagne and placing a crownon this head and said "life and victory to Charles Augustus, crowned byGod, the great and peaceful emperor of the Romans”. He became the 1st emperor of the West;this signified the Pope's claim to dispense the imperial crown. It was Pope Leo'sdesire to assert papal supremacy over a unified Christendom and he did this by crowningCharlemagne.

3. Howwas Charlemagne’s imperial reign a “renaissance”?

Charlemagne’s reign was based on harmony between threeelements: the Roman past, the Germanic way of life, and Christianity.Charlemagne devoted his entire reign to blending these three elements into onekingdom and by doing this, he secured a foundation upon which European societywould develop. A true renaissance man he is characterized by the revival ofscholarship and artistic creation and nourishment of literacy from the time ofthe ancient Rome.


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