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Final Essay Lesson 22 Final Essay Lesson 22

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Posted 30 January 2017 - 10:34 AM

What I got out of this course.
I had taken the Dr. of Spirituality course because of my interest in NLP and to have better understanding of the trance states. I wasn’t disappointed with this course. I got a great course full of lessons, some useful, some difficult. There were 21 very informative lessons that were taught. So far, I only got to apply the use of a few of these lessons. I feel well equipped to be a coach in spiritual development. This course helped develop me further into understanding life situations. I was able to help family during tough times by being able to reach to them through NLP.

What I liked
I really like the tools used in this course all of them can be used for any situation. I also like the NLP lessons. The NLP forum was a great resource and I was able to read the articles whenever I have a chance. I learned something every time I use the NLP forum. I also like reading the post in the Dr. of Spiritual Development forum. I like the fact that one day I will be able to easily recall the lessons from this course and apply them to my daily life.

What I didn't like
I didn’t like taking this course via email, without the aid of an instructor and without classmates. It was very challenging going this route as a course. I learn faster when a group is involved. I gain valuable knowledge when lectured to or when grouping up with a partner to roleplay what we have learned. Reading these lessons then completing the home work was difficult without these types of support and educational backing. I didn’t like the lack of support within the forums; I thought I would receive some kind of feedback by posting my lessons in the DR. OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT forum. I noticed after posting that my post did get a lot of views but no feedback to inform me if I was on the right track or totally off track.

What I learned
I learn perseverance and self-motivation. It also helped me build up self-mindfulness. It was up to me to complete this course without the aid of an instructor and with that I know where to find the content I need from this course to help me with whatever I’m trying to accomplish or overcome. Also, I got a better understanding of the trance states and was able to apply this into my life.

What I did not learn
I’m sure that there are some things that I do not have a complete understanding. But, I do have 21 lessons to continue study and by doing this whenever I have a chance, I’ll be fine. This course has had a positive effect on me I’ve gained a resource with wonderful content that I enjoy reading. Every time I read a lesson gain a better understanding on how to help myself or someone else to achieve their goals in life.

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