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Universal Life ChurchWedding Ceremony InformationWEDDINGS! - As a ULC minister, you would be legal to perform weddings throughout the United States. We have extensive training available on the website. Some people have expressed difficulty in navigating the site, because of its size and their lack of comfort using the internet, so we have created an external site that has all the wedding information in one much-smaller site.

Becoming a Minister

Wedding Ceremony Information

As a ULC (Universal Life Church) minister, you can:

  • Legally officiate at anyone's wedding ceremony. 
  • Start your own ministry and share your beliefs with others. The Universal Life Church is interfaith and non-denominational. 
  • We have many ministers who are performing ministries for the poor, the sick and the incarcerated. 
  • Some people work to protect children from harm or spend time doing good works. 


We believe in doing that which is right and it is a pleasure to see the wide variety of ways that this motto is expressed.


Comparative Religion

One of the best and most unusual things about this ULC site is our extensive seminary program.  Our courses are earned degrees with weekly lessons and assignments.

We are a registered church in our own right and have created this online seminary to improve the quality and education of ministers worldwide. You can take as many courses at one time as you like and most are 20 weeks. It's free to get the mailings with no obligation. There are fees for classes, but as a seminary student, you will receive exclusive information not made available to the general public.


Wedding Funeral Ceremony Book

As a ULC minister, you would be legal to perform weddings throughout the United States. In the US, there is no legal requirement for performing weddings or baptisms, but we still provide extensive training on the website. 

In our store, we also have ceremony books that have all the words you'll need to perform beautiful ceremonies. Everything is presented in an easy-to-follow format, making it simple to create beautiful, memorable and professional ceremonies.

Minister Products!

Weddings, Funerals and Rites Book available through the Seminary store

We offer you a wide variety of very high-quality minister-related materials for our Universal Life Church ministers. We have wedding ceremonies and books, funeral ceremonies, parking placards, ID CARDS and more.

Please peruse our store to see our complete selection. Whether you are becoming a minister to perform one wedding or you'd like to start a wedding ministry, we have just what you need. Our Wedding Officiant Training Pack will provide you with all the materials you need to start you on your way. We also offer exceptional materials to aide you in your quest for knowledge, your quest for credibility, and your quest for finding and following your spiritual path.

Minister Training!

We are aware of the ridiculous simplicity of becoming a Universal Life Church minister.  It seems too easy, right?  Too quick?  It's very easy.  But it's also just the beginning.  From there, it's time to start learning! 

We are trying to provide training that applies to most religions. The basics about weddings and funerals applies to the majority of people. We also have a section of ceremonies from our ministers as well as a variety of poetry, which may be appropriate to use as a reading during a wedding, funeral or other events.

Chapel Services!

Chapel ServicesFrom here, you can access all of our sermons, where we hope to educate, enlighten, and inform. 

All of the sermons in this section have been submitted by ministers, like yourself, who want to share what they believe. 

We welcome all sermons and look forward to being able to post them for all to read. Please enjoy the material and use these messages in your own ministries as appropriate.

Real ULC International Headquarters

The real ULC International Headquarter's address is: 601 Third St. Modesto, CA 95351. (209) 527-8111. Their fax number is (209) 527-8116. Their site is www.ulchq.com

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